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 “War is a matter of intelligence and stupidity. A genocide is a matter of the degeneration of intelligence.”


 Theatre ENTROPIA presented in 2008 its new production “Genocide” for a limited number of performances at non-conventional theatre spaces in Athens.






FRIDAY 23/05






TUESDAY 27/05 - MONDAY 2/06


21.15, at the outdoor space of METALLOURGEIO




 The multi-media performance is a result of the dramaturgical composition & elaboration of texts on the dark and irrational phenomenon of Genocide, inspired by the two formidable books by the French journalist, Jean Hatzfeld, about the massacres in Rwanda. The books are both a study and a rare documentation – with authentic, first-person narratives and confessions by the survivors, as well as the killers.


 Within the fluid landscape of successive video projections, which refer both to earlier genocides and barbarities suffered today, in a dialectic relation to the extreme physicality of the actors, this contemporary Chorus of the five performers, who constantly alternate in the roles of killers and victims, unfold their stories.










Concept – Dramaturgy - Director: Marilli Mastrantoni


Translations: Marilli Mastrantoni, Ismini Chliova-Bitzani, Thaleia Griva, Anastasia Anastasiadou


Set & Costume Design - Videos: Emmanouela Vogiatzaki-Krukowski


Music: Ilan Manouach


Choreography: Maria-Ioanna Xanthaki


Lighting Design: Aggelos Gounaras


Director’s Assistants: Thaleia Griva, Ismini Chliova-Bitzani


Scenographer’s Assistants: Giorgos Giourelis, Nikos Dalezios, Stella Romanou


Production Assistant: Marianna Boura


Sound Engineer: Alexis Gkikas


Performers: Anna Garefalaki, Makis Kyrlis, Eugenia Manolika, Natassa Paschali, Grigoris Serbis


In the video installations participate: Christoforos Dikas, Marilli Mastrantoni and the journalist Giorgos Avgeropoulos




Photographs: Takis Vekopoulos




Production: ENTROPIA