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A.S.F. was primarily created out of our own need as artists and theatre practitioners to establish an essential dialogue amongst ourselves, as well as with the public, in conditions of creative and fertile interaction. It’s an International Festival open to all art disciplines, with an emphasis on Performing Arts, promoting the pioneering approaches with contemporary orientation and a possibility for young emerging artists to present their work and test it in relation to the public, parallel to well-known artists and established groups.


The Festival has also an important educational aspect, with workshops, work demonstrations, lectures, exhibitions and conferences, since we believe in the continuous stream of information and training concerning our practice. For this reason, we usually focus on the work of important groups presented for the first time in Greece, in order to have an as close as possible overview of their achievements. We encourage long-term artistic relationships and possible future collaborations.


There’s also a strong social aspect, since we try to keep in touch with our audiences, through public discussions, newsletters of our activities, open platforms of communication and possibilities of participation, as well as to regularly cooperate with youth organizations, civil societies, other NGOs with similar targets, research & art centers, foundations, embassies & cultural institutions and Universities.


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1st Alternative Stage Festival



2nd Alternative Stage Festival




3rd Alternative Stage Festival



4th Alternative Stage Festival



5th Alternative Stage Festival



6th Alternative Stage Festival