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1st Alternative Stage Festival

9 – 13 April 2003




Ambient music programs surrounded by minimalistic techno rhythms. A livepresentation by Giorgis Sakellariou, with parallel video projections.

23.00 The Last Cabin

An anxious monologue of two actors in a contrapuntal collage, about modern life in western capitals, nostalgia, panic, loneliness.

By the group MachineOff

Text: Marios Tsagaris

Direction: Panagiotis Karamitsos

00.00 “Choro – graphies with light

A visual show of figures and shapes in space with illuminant objects. A performance in the spirit of Black Theatre.

By the group Chorovates (Rianthi Amantou, Zeta Sakellariou)



21.30Τhe ContrabassbyPatrick Ziskid

The famous monologue by the theatre group One and the Friends.

Translation: Maria Aggelidou

Direction – Performer: Andreas Marianos

Scenery – Costumes: Ioli Hefian-Dimitriadou

Music consultant: Alekos Vasilatos

Lights: Dimitris Kordelas

Sound: Ioanna Vidali

Director’s Assistant: Vaso Zaouri

00.00Among moments

Dancing improvisation. Live music by Kostas Andreou.

By the group PoorD

Choreography: Vaso Kolovou

Dancers:Eirini Aleksiou, Vaso Kolovou, Menti Mega, Dafni Stefanou


FRIDAY 11/04

21.30 Video Projections

Rianthi Amantou: Forms in silence [18΄]

Panos Vittorakis: Critical notes [4΄44΄΄], Text: Falk Richter, Translation: Eleftheria Sapountzi, Actors: Natalia Dragoumi, Thaleia Istikopoulou 

Ida Borregaard Larsen: Self drapery[13΄]

MachineOff: Just Before [10΄], Direction: Panagiotis Karamitsos, Choreographer – Dancer: Dafni Stefanou, Music: Marios Tsagaris, Artistic Supervision: Pavlos Dasiras

MachineOff:Weaponless Fight [5΄], Direction: Panagiotis Karamitsos, Music: Marios Tsagaris, Actor: Panagiotis Chaikalis

Panos Vittorakis – Magia Mpontzou:The Card [8΄]

Magia Mpontzou: Not a dream [6΄3΄΄]

Christos Prosilis: Optical Illusion I [14΄], Actors: Eleni Tzirtzilaki, Despoina Alexiou

Alex Spyropoulos: The most Important phone call ever made from the White House [3΄]

Anna Tsichli: Looking for my Valentine [7΄40΄΄]

23.30The Fairy Tales of Water

The famous fairy teller Sasa Voulgari narrates stories from far-away places and the beginning of time.



21.30Crime in the Tower of Babel

Based on the known play Eight women accusedby Rober Toma and structured on improvisations, the performance is played completely in an inventious mambo jumbolanguage.

By the theatrical group Men-less Women

Direction: Evdokimos Tsolakidis

Actors:Anastasia Arvaniti, Athina Vamvaka, Erato Zogana, Eleni Kalomoiri, Georgia Katsiri, Ansi Lafi, Kelly Papadopoulou, Niki Triantafillidi

23.30Choro - graphies with light- Chorovates

00.15The Last Cabin- MachineOff

SUNDAY 13/04

20.30The story of the Young Prince and his trip in the universe

Inspired by the famous tale of Antoine de Saint-Exupery, a visual adaptation for one actress and dolls, upon the music of Iraklis Paschalidis.

By the group Arsis

Direction: Nikos Armaos

Scenery – Costumes: Vasilis Barbarigos

Dolls: Marios Kostakis

Actor: Elena Marsidou

Playing live the musicians: Christos Koutsogiannis (drums), Marios Kostakis (saxophone, key-boards)

22.00Among moments- PoorD

22.45Crime in the Tower of Babel- Men-less Women

Production Manager: Konstantinos Datsis