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4th Alternative Stage Festival

8 – 27 May 2006




A creation by Cristina Castrillo,TEATRO DELLE RADICI.

Objects: Ledwina Costantini

Technician: Bruna Gusberti

“Umbral” is the first part of a project called “Travel notes”. A proposal which encloses the need to reflect upon a creative path, that, as each important travel includes not just a map of a way, but also the images, the meetings, the uncertainties, the blind-alley of a long journey.

“Umbral” is the physical, verbal and emotional narrative of the steps that, in several years of investigation, have determined a way to conceive the theatrical creation and the work of the actor.

The performance has been successfully shown in various Festivals and Theatres all over the world.


The presence of TEATRO DELLE RADICI is under the auspices and is supported by the Embassy of Switzerland in Greece



21.00 “Plural Number”

Dance theatre performance by the group MIND THE GAP, inspired by the homonymous poem by Kiki Dimoula.

Participants: Dimitris Athanasiou, Dimitra Vanou, Irini Dermitzaki, Marianna Dramountani, Kostas Itzeyan, Theodosis Lasaris, Titos Litinas, Mara Motaki, Liana Ekonomidou

Lights: Xenia Bolomyti

21.35 “Neo Faliro Suburb” by Dimitris Kechaides, by the group DIDELFIS. The people’s difficulty to face reality.

Director - Scenographer – Costumes & Light Designer: Giorgos Kakis

Actors: Maria Tsekleni, Irini Tzavara, Giorgos Kakis

Music: Giorgos Kakis, Maria Tsekleni

22.20 “Evening walk” by Kostas Karafyllis by the group 361 DEGREES. A man and a woman trapped in a relationship that oscillates between truth and lie.

Director: Spiros Steriades

Scenery - Costumes: Thodoris Sampson

Lights designer: Nikos Milonas

Music: Konstantinos Apostolopoulos

Movement: Asimina Xiroyanni

Actors: Spiros Steriades, Dora Filippa

22.55 “Matter realities” by the dance theatre group SIMVAINI. A soul travels from dimension to dimension, looking for its identity.

Choreography - Dancer: Athina Hatziyannaki

Music: Cabin in the sky, Tuxedomoon



21.00 “Happy Misfortune” by Jose Sanchis Sinisterra, by the group SPANISH SCENE. A play especially written for the radio.

Translation - Direction: Stilianos Rodarelis

Actor - Music - Sounds: Leonardos Valenstein

22.00 “The girl Pessoa”

Dance theatre by the group VIA BODY. A female figure leaves her memories behind in order to enter in a cold place/future. A “dreamer poet” will deluge her with pictures and lead her mewhere else...

Choreography: Anna Tsakona

Dancers: Anna Tsakona, Nikos Matzouranis

Video Art: Yannis Darides

Costumes: Marili Zarkada

Music: J.S. Bach, M. Jaubert, Th. Papakonstantinou, B. Reininger, G. Ligeti

22.50 “The letter”

Solo performance based on the method of Corporal Mime. A body, a paper, a chair. A letter that is being written, while it is not known if it is going to be delivered or not.

Performer: Anna Zevelaki

Music: Cecil Gant

Costumes - Light designer: Katerina-Christina Manolakou

23.25 “Ich bin das ICH BIN” with the subtitle “1+3+1+∞=1”. Plastic Arts performance by the artist Alexandros Pfaff, based on the idea of the need for self awareness and in interaction with the audience.

Artists: Maria Aggeli, Syntia Gerothanasi, Omiros Kosmides, Vasiliki Babili, Alexandros Pfaff



21.00 - 23.00 Projection of Greek and Foreign Short Films

Toma Waszarow: “The Kiss” - Bulgaria [01:00]

Charis Stathopoulos: “The day after” - Greece [10:00]

Andreas Antonopoulos: “Mixer” - Greece [04:00]

Marios Nottas: “New Year's Eve” - Greece [05:45]

Toni Bestard: “Voodoo child” - Spain [22:00]

Nikitas Chaskas: “The bird” - Greece [11:50]

Intermission: 15'

Maria Xanthopoulidou: “Se Para-Kalo” - Greece [06:00]

Giorgi Tskhvediani: “I am not alone” - Georgia [17:00]

Yannis Tsitsimis: “Nightmare Corporation” - Greece [16:30]

Mehmet Ozcelik: “Graven” - Denmark [14:00]

Konstantinos Fourkiotis: “Nightmares” - Greece [10:00]

In collaboration with KOYINTA Film Productions and the International Panorama of Independent Creators of Film & Video 2005

Program’s Director: Christos Karakasis



21.00 “Scent of Fall”

Solo dance performance by the group DANSE PLASTIQUE. When a fall turns into a fly...

Concept - Interpretation: Vasiliki Babili

Scenery: Kleoniki Litopoulou

Visual Effects: Kimon Fotiades

Sound: Yannis Patrikareas

Photography: Alexandros Pfaff

21.35 “No limits at all” by the Dance Theatre LYDIA LITHOS. A woman transfers prohibited behaviors on stage, in order to let her instinct act without restrictions.

Choreography - Direction: Spiros Bertsatos

Dancer: Dimitra Antonaki

Music: Andrews Sisters, Xavier Cugat, Blondie, The Stranglers, Styne-Robin, Raphael Lauder Dale, Nancy Sinatra, Radiohead, “Casta Diva”, Liuingston – Evans

Scenery: Giorgos Chalkias

Special constructions: Alexis Loggos

Costumes: Despina Makarouni, Lina Motsiou

22.10 4 Monologues by the Spanish playwright & actress Asumpta Serna from the Department of Theatre Studies of the University of Peloponnese. Each monologue presents a character in a moment of crisis.

“I love her and shall wait for her”. Translation-acting: Afroditi Evaggelatou

“The family of Gonzalo”. Translation-acting: Katerina Kotsou

“Mother and Father”. Translation-acting: Valia Siskopoulou

Are you asleep, my love?”. Translation-acting: Maria Papadaki

Director: Prof. Stilianos Rodarelis

At Theatre’s foyer are presented the Exhibitions of Photography by Takis Vekopoulos, entitled “Entro-photo-pia” and by Thanasis Chondros.

SUNDAY 21/5 “The loop of time”, the Grotowski Centre’s Intervention in Athens

10.00 – 17.00: A Conference devoted to Jerzy Grotowski

10.00 Opening – Greetings addressed by the Alternative Stage Festival’s Artistic Director Marilli Mastrantoni

10.15 – 11.15 Film projection: “Il Teatr Laboratorium di Jerzy Grotowski” (Direction: Marianne Ahrne, 1992, Duration: 53΄)

Introduction by Dr. Grzegorz Ziolkowski

11.15 – 12.45: Lecture by Prof. Leszek Kolankiewicz

Title: “Jerzy Grotowski’s work on Theatre, Paratheatre & the Theatre of the Sources”

Language: Polish (translation into Greek)

12.45 – 13.00 Lecture by Mrs. Chara Bakonikola, Prof. of University of Athens – Department of Theatre Studies  

Title: “How much up-to-date is Grotowski?”

13.00 – 13.30 Break

13.30 – 15.30: Lecture by Dr. Grzegorz Ziółkowski

Title: “The Sorcerer at the Chair: Jerzy Grotowski at the Collège de France (1997-1998)”

The lecture will focus on the last phase of Jerzy Grotowski’s work in Art as Vehicle, and on his Collège de France lectures in particular. The lectures in Paris were Grotowski’s last public appearances in which he summarized his lifelong research in theatre and ritual arts. The final part of the lecture will deal with the legacy of Grotowski—as seen from Polish perspective. The lecture will be illustrated by various film fragments which were utilized by Grotowski in Paris.

Language: Polish (translation into Greek)

15.30 – 15.45 Break

15.45 – 16.45 Film projection of the production: “The Constant Prince” (digitally remastered at La Sapienza University of Rome, Duration: 48΄)

Introduction by Dr. Grzegorz Ziolkowski

16.45 Questions - Discussion

Interpretation from Polish: Grazina Pavlopoulou

ART HALL - ATHINAIS Multicultural Centre

The presence of GROTOWSKI CENTRE is under the auspices and is supported by the Embassy of Poland in Greece



20.00: Work Demonstration with the director Jarosław Fret and Theatre ZAR.

In the years 1999–2002 the members of GROTOWSKI CENTRE’s theatre ensemble Teatr ZAR realized four expeditions to Georgia. The fruit of these journeys were practical contacts with people and groups working with traditional music.

Throughout their journeys, the most important experience was their stay in Svaneti, at the Higher Caucasus, where they met a tradition of polyphonic songs, whose origins date back to the beginning of our era. These two thousand year old songs are performed in a language, which is no longer understood even by the Svans themselves, and are the oldest form of polyphonic singing in Georgia and perhaps in the whole world. Work with these songs will be the main theme of the workshop, and during the Work Demonstration will be shown the way of elaboration of an original material into a performance.




21.00 Performance “Gospels of Childhood”

Fragments on Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood

The initial impulse for the project Gospels of Childhood was an interest for the Gnostic elements from the beginning of Christianity. The performance oscillates between two threads: the story of the resurrection of Lazarus, evoked through the mouths of Martha and Maria, his sisters, and “the testimony of Mary Magdalene”, who according to some Gnostic traditions took a particular position among the apostles and was identified as one of the sisters of Lazarus. During the performance, scarcely known apocryphal gospels are heard, as well as fragments by Fiodor Dostojevski and Simone Weil. The songs used were collected by the company during their expeditions to Georgia, Bulgaria and Greece.The performance is an attempt to tell the “last story of the flesh” – after love, after humiliation, after death; an inevitable story of resurrection.

Martha / Maria: Ditte Berkeley / Kamila Klamut

And:Aleksandra Kotecka, Przemysław Błaszczak, Tomasz Bojarski, Jarosław Fret, Ewa Pasikowska, Łukasz Walewski, Tomasz Wierzbowski, Adam Philips

Light designer: Bartosz Radziszewski

Project leader: Jarosław Fret




8 – 14 / 5: Workshop “The Language of the Memory” - Cristina Castrillo with the assistance of Bruna Gusberti


22 – 25 / 5: Workshop “The Hearing” - Grzegorz Ziolkowski (Program Director of GROTOWSKI CENTRE)


24 – 27 / 5: Workshop on Georgian music with the director Jaroslaw Fret (Artistic Director of GROTOWSKI CENTRE) & Theatre ZAR          


Collaborators: Irini Abumogli, Sonia Perlega, Niki Prodromidou, Margarita Tsomou, Irini Chartofylax

Stage Manager - Lights: Yannis Chatziantoniou

Photography: Takis Vekopoulos