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2nd Alternative Stage Festival

15 - 22 March 2004


MONDAY 15/3 – TUESDAY 16/3

21.00 “Interrogations”

Words from the Zen Masters

Creation – Direction – Performance: Yoshi Oida

Music composition and live performance: Wolf-Dieter Trustedt

Participation: Marilli Mastrantoni

During the show, the Japanese actor and director Yoshi Oida (one of the basic partners of Peter Brook) asks questions to the audience from the Koan (a collection of ‘words’ by Zen Masters) and invites them to find the answers, not through meditation this time, but through movement, game and music. In this case, we’re not aiming to a philosophical target, nor to correct answers, but to a moment of shared delight, towards a living theatre.  

It’s a minimalistic and highly interactive performance. The performers are in direct relation with the public and every time we have a different show.

The German artist, Wolf-Dieter Trustedt, improvises on stage using musical instruments, created by himself.

Mr. Oida’s visit is under the auspices of the Embassy of Japan

Theatre EMBROS



21.00 “The Penultimate of the Monikin” by Paris Takopoulos

Theatrical group: One and friends

The absurd monologue, which has no beginning or end, of the proud Greek Monikin, 26 years after the first show by Theatre Technis, in a new direction by the writer himself.

Direction: Paris Takopoulos

Performer:Andreas Marianos

Scenery – Costumes: Dimitris Mitaras

Music: Costas Mantzoros

Lights: Dimitris Kordelas

Scenery construction: Anna Basta

Console Operator: Michalis Bouris

22.15 “Ballet mechanique u.s.w.”

Music performance

What can happen when a dead cinematographer, a composer, 7 musicians and a photographer try to re-read Cinderella’s tale?

Text – Music: George Kiriakakis

Curator: Thanasis Kottas

Music: Stathis Kiosoglou

Performer:Athina Chiliopoulou

Live music: Petros Klampanis & Group of Conservatoire ‘Philippos Nakas’

23.30 “Right Here Right Now”

A Performance – a study upon time by the theatrical group Per-theater-formance

Direction: Dimitris Tsiamis

Live music:Nikolas Giannareas, Georgia Sagri

Performers: Ioulia Ventouratou, Manolis Tsabalas, Georgia Sagri, Nikolas Giannareas

Director’s Assistant: Theano Metaxa



21.00 “Concert for four hands” by the group ‘The Goings-on of the Hand

Hands are transformed to human and animals, that narrate their stories.

Performance: Chrissoula Alexiou, Anastassia Parava

21.45 “MECHA/ORGA: ‘L’ ”

Multimedia music performance by Giorgis Sakellariou. 

22.45 “Closed schools save children from catching the flue”

Performance of dance, video-art and speech, based on the music of Giorgos Spanos.

Video-art: Nikos Giavropoulos

Choreography – Dance: ‘The flying flies’(Aggeliki Mitsopoulou, Voula Netou)

Text Declamation: Emilios Chilakis, Vana Pefani, Kostas Delakouras, Anna Etiaridou, Thanassis Karagianniotis



19.00 – 22.15 Projections of video-art, multimedia and short films

Τhe projections are realised in collaboration with the T-short Company (Curator: Kiriakos Chatzimichailidis)

Thanassis Naskaris: “Towards Victory” [15΄]

Natalia Kostopoulou:What are you gonna be when you grow up?[6΄]

Alexandros Kakavas: “The doll” [10΄]

Ilias Dimitriou: MerryKitscmas[17΄]

Minos Nikolakakis:Ticket to ride[5΄]

Charis Vafeiadis: “The dance of the fly” [15΄]

Aris Bafaloukas: Blackout[2΄]

Spiros Rasidakis: Gravity Law[9΄]

Savvas Karidas: America[15΄]

Spiros Siakas: Star System[5΄]

Avraam Papavramopoulos: Videophone[7΄]

Emmanuella Fragkiadaki: “What swims and laughs?” [17΄]

Aris Fatouros: Volcano[15΄]

Dimitris Kanellopoulos: Blindmansbuff[15΄]

Zafeiris Haitidis: PanicRoom[6΄]

Kiriakos Hatzimihailidis: Deathsteeth[23΄]

22.30 The group ‘STORIES ABOUT PERCUSSION INSTRUMENTS’ of Vassilis Vassilatos and the Group of Percussion of the Theatrical Department of Polytechnic University of Athens will present a session titled “Short stories for Percussion” specially created for the Festival.

Percussion: Vassilis Vasilatos, Michalis Diakogiorgis, Nikos Karatzas, Fotis Kollias, Stella Triantafyllou

Wind: Nino Kitani

Accordeon: Kostas Karagiannis, Nikos Papanastasiou

Violin: Dimitris Papageorgiou

Guitar: Iosif Moschopoulos

Gaida: Giorgos Makris

Clarinet – Voice: Nikos Psarianos

Song: Panayiotis Priftis



21.00 “Matter of time”

A Devised Theatre Show by the Theatre Group of the Department of Theatrical Studies of the University of Patras, based on improvisations and having as main subject the time

Writers: Marianna Gerokostopoulou, Eva Daskalaki, Silia Koi, Iasonas Kokkinakis, Gianna Stamatiou   

Direction - Lights: Giannis Konstantopoulos

Scenery: Eleanna Papanikolopoulou

Costumes: Panayiota Deligianni

Music: Spyros Pitsos

Video – art: Iasonas Kokkinakis, Aggeliki Gaidatzi

Cast:Vassilis Anagnostopoulos, Eleni Kakalou, Christos Kiparissopoulos, Anastassia Michailidou, Dimitris Babilis, Georgina Paleothodorou, Vagelis Roditis

22.15 “WEST to EAST……EAST to WEST” 


The contrasts between East and West given through image and movement. The vain and unconsidered conflict between two worlds.

Performers: Nikos Salamouris, Beatriz Gravalos Manero

Video: Dimitris Klagos


Humorous pantomime by the group Splish Slash trying to transfuse the magic of silent movies to theatre, via the human body. A theatrical play based on the first vampire movie ‘NOSFERATU’ by F. Mournau.

Direction: Giannis Economides

Art Design: Nikos Gazetas

Costumes: Maria Georgatou

Music: Manos Spyridakis, Apostolis Koskinas, Defile Des Ames

Choreography – Director’s Assistant: Amalia Karalanidou

Lights: Michalis Bouris

Performers: Panayiotis Smirnis, Giannis Economides, Amalia Karalanidou, Andreas Tzineris, Marina Mandala



20.30 “3=4” Dance improvisation

One moment to go, one moment to get there. The route! The decision, the adventure and what you left behind.

Dancers: Marianna Makri, Rachel Papadopoulou, Despina Hatzipavlidou

21.00 “Uncontrolled Breath” by the Buhto dance group ‘Inemois’ from Chania

A performance based on the influence of Dionyssos

Choreography: Maria Mendez

Dancers: Artzi Barouxi, Irini Mavromataki, Marianna Kala, Thodoris Sefaridis, Manolis Kindelis

21.45 “The beauty lies exhausted in the street”

Dance theatre by the group VIA BODY.

Text: A. Mitos

Video: Giannis Daridis

Music: Tricky, P.J. Harvey, Nick Cave, Tuxedomoon, Thanassis Papakonstantinou

Musical Instrument: Giannis Karinas

Director’s Assistant: Eleftheria Kokkinou

Direction – choreography: Frosso Korou, Anna Tsakona

Performers: Eleni Bareltzi, Spiridoula Karanikolaou, Eleftheria Kokkinou, Frosso Korou, Tatiana Koumoutsi, Daphne Markaki, Kanellina Menouti, Costas Dellas, Anna Tsakona

22.45 “The Repairer” of Giorgos Zarkadakis, by the theatrical group DREAM

What if people and facts were recycled in our universe? Would the situations be trapped in an endless circle?

Direction: Alexandra Maioletti – Scaramanga

Set – Costumes : Marianna Stabouloglou

Lights: Gianfranco Maioletti

Performers: Mathieu Francois, Vivi Rozana, Likourgos Hatzakos

Director’s Assistant: Aggeliki Andrikopoulou

23.30 “Dancing in New Orleans”

The dance group DRUNK DANCERS improvises upon the music of the jazz duette DRUMBONE

Choreographers – dancers: Tina Dimitropoulou, Marianna Makri

Live Music:Marinos Himonas(trombone),Christos Koutsogiannis(drums)

00.00 “Speak” by Christina Kiriazidi

The monologue of a contemporary person who revolts against the powers that narcotize his life

Direction - Scenography: Vassilis Mavrogeorgiou

Music: Giorgos Koumaradios

Performer:Christina Kiriazidi



21.00 Projection of the video of the show “From the sounds to the myths”, part of the European Program ‘Transformation of Movements’ (Trans-Movements), having as theme the alternative methods on stage.

Translation: Olympia Karagiorga

Direction - Lights: Varvara Douka

Digital Direction - Videos: Makis Faros

Costumes: Maria Haniotaki

Music: Spyros Faros

Technical Support: Konstantinos Labrou

Alternative Methods: Voula Xiki, Beate Liebe

Production: Alter – Art Centre / World – Cef (Evi Sfikaki)

Οpen discussionsbetween the creators of this attempt and the public.

Party & live music by the band AERA PATERA

All of the above performances took place at Theatre ENTROPIA

During the Festival, at the foyer of Theatre ENTROPIA:

-Exhibition of Jewellery created by Nasia Spanou

-Video-installation “Antigone: Priestess of the Inviolable”, with an interview of Paramahamsa Niranjanananda in India, by Atma Shakti

Music: Peter Cerone

Performers: Liana Katopi, Panagiotis Michas

Production Manager: Tonia Polykandrioti

During the Festival there are also organized the following Workshops:



Instructor: Yoshi Oida

Assistant: Marilli Mastrantoni



Instructor: Varvara Douka

Show-demonstration of the result, open to the public

Production Managers: Georgina Dionissioti, Alexia Fotiadou

Technical Managers: Angelos Sofoulis, Kostas Marlagoutsos