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December 9-14, 2008




This year the digital platform (9-10/12) hosts the “International film festival of Patra”, which shows a part of the awarded films of the 10th international panorama of independent films (3-11/1/ 2008).



19.00-21.00Films of Greek and foreign creators

  1. Fuga Tita Bonatsou 6’ 46’’ v.a. 2008

The Lady of Late Natassa Zouka 13’ v.d. 2007

Construction of Citizens Michalis Moatsos 9’ anim. 2008

Athens Blogs Alexandros Papailiou, Lena Voudouri, Despina Karvela, Giorgos Karipidis, Thanasis Skroubelos 85’ 2007

21.00-21.00 Intermission

21.30-23.30Films of Greek and foreign creators

PeekaBoo Christos Seitaridis 16’ 43’’ 2008

Too much talking….too much crying Dimitris Kitsikoudis75’ doc. 2007

  1. Conexiones  Lidice Abreu Venezuela 13’ v.d. 2007

The Gaze Morteza Akoochekian  Iran 100’’ v.a. 2008

Lumen Wilian Salvador SantosBrazil  3’ 52’’ anim. 2007



19.00-22.00 Film show of Greek and foreign creators

OccupiedChristian Filek Austria 8’ 55’’ 2006

ThecaravanofthemanuscriptsfromAl-AndalusLidia Peralta Garcia Spain 50’ doc. 2007

  1. Flight Biju Viswanath 6’ 2’’ 2008

In spider’s web Nikos Vezirgiannis (scenario – research P. Nerantzis) 72’ doc. 2007

SoyouCanDance!Stelios Apostolopoulos, Nick Dagiantas 28’ doc. 2007

The purple Handkerchiefs Kelly Stamoulaki 15’ 2008


22.30 Closing party

These awarded films of 10th International Panorama of Independent Films will be showed:


BEST FILM Video Art Fuga Tita Bonatsou 6’ 46’’ v.a. 2008

BEST FILM Video Dance The lady of the late Natassa Zouka 13’ v.d. 2007

BEST FILM Animation Constraction of citizens Michalis Moatsos 9’ anim. 2008

BEST FILM Feature films Athens Blog Alexandros Papailiou, Lena Voudouri, Despina Karvela, George Karipidis, Thanasis Skroubelos 85’ 2007

BEST FILM Short Films Peek a Boo Chris Seitaridis 16’ 43’’ 2008

BEST FILM Documentary Too much talking… too much crying Dimitris Kitsikoudis 75’ doc. 2007

BEST FILM which promotes human rights In Spider’s web Nick Vezirgiannis (scenario-research P. Nerantzis) 72’ doc. 2007

BEST FILM of antiracist concept So you can dance! Stelios Apostolopoulos, Nick Dagiantas 28’ doc. 2007

“GIANNIS RITSOS” AWARD for the lyricism of the film The purple Handkerchiefs Kelly Stamoulaki 15’ μ.μ. 2008


BEST FILM Video Dance Conexiones  Lidice Abreu Venezuela 13’ v.d. 2007       BEST FILM Video Art The Gaze  Morteza Akoochekian  Iran 100’’ v.a. 2008       BEST FILM Animation Lumen Wilian Salvador Santos Brazil  3’ 52’’ anim. 2007 BEST FILM Short films Occupied Christian Filek Austria 8’ 55’’ μ.μ. 2006           BEST FILM Documentary The caravan of the manuscripts from Al-Andalus Lidia Peralta Garcia Spain 50’ doc. 2007                                                                SPECIAL AWARD to the short film Flight Biju Viswanath India 6’ 2’’ μ.μ. 2008



FRIDAY 12/12                                                                                           21.30“Spectators”byMarios Pontikas                                                           Two persons with no hope for a better life, fight to end their course with any left dignity. They lived their lives as spectators without any participation to the events. Now, at the end, two other persons, next door people, are watching, as spectators their final hours. Uninvolved and indifferent. Spectators to the theatre of absurd.    By the theatregroupΕ.Ρ.Ε.Τ.Α.                                                                                

Direction: Natassa Vasiliou                                                                                        

Acting: Thomas Zakalkas, Kathrin Mandala, Sophia Spiliou, Nick Houvartas          

Tutor:Dimitrios Alexandropoulos                                                                                            


SATURDAY 13/12                                                                                                             21.00The shadow of my shadow                                                                

The male and the female nature, the union, the fruit and their separation, also their thoughts, the insecurity and loneliness which are turning into theatrical images, based on the text of Heiner Müller‘History of love’.                                              

By the theatre and dance group Asomo4                                                      

Choreography- Music editing- Light: Monika Kokokotroni, Sophia Kassari            

Scenery- Costumes: Alice Arnaouti                                                            

Dancers: Helen Arno, Helias Ksenos                                                                

21.50 “Gin & Satsumas”

The Levantes Dance Theatre is plunging us to a different world which is praising the ordinary and intrigues the fantasy. «Gin & Satsumas» is a story of Gin and many Satsumas.

Choreography: Helen Edipidi, Bethanie Harrison

Scenery- Costumes: Levantes Dance Theatre & Ellan Parry

Multimedia: Gopan Iyadurai

Stage leader: Kleoniki Edipidi

Acting: Helen Edipidi, Wayne Summerbell

22.50 “End of small breaths”

You live only in boxes, taking small breaths. You move and you wind your way through them. Sometimes you are crushed. Or you want to smash everything. A virtual drive in Athens astonishes you. It reminds you the sounds of nature. It reminds you the silence you already know. An interactive performance [Duration: 50΄]

Inspiration- Direction: Anastasia Anastasiadou

Performer: Eva Pagoulatou

Music: Andreas Mniestris


SUNDAY 14/12

21.00 “Wyou – Sao Paolo”

Devised theatre performance, on the subject of oneself, as a notion and as a personal (?) reality. In this performance, eight performers are present, while there are four who are always absent- the absent oneself. By «Group theatre»of theTheatre Studies Department of Patras University

22.15 “The Sphinx Game: Part II”

We are playing the «Sphinx game», a digital version of tragedy, where Sphinx’s riddle is turning into a game with fate. The destiny can be reversed if the computer user decodes the time. Then the “game” is over. The Sphinx is incarnated. Nothing can follow the linearity of the events: Sphinx and Oedipus have at least one more possibility to overturn the inevitable. But the possibility is transforming to a trap. Oedipus and other Sophocles tragedy basic protagonists’ roles, are distracted by the digital dimension, are reproduced in a modern reality, and in their turn reproduce the same tragedy. The performance is the second stop– episode, which will lead to the final performance on the subject of «Oedipus Tyrant», which is organized to make premiere in Urbino in Italy, in June 2009. ByResearch Theatre GroupFRACTALS.

Text: Extracts of the tragedy «Oedipus Tyrant» by Sophocles translated by Ioanna Gripari and “La Trilogia degli Scarozzanti - Edipus” by Giovanni Testori translated by Tania Kitsou.

Direction: Tania Kitsou

Scenery: Lisa Psomiadou

Music editing: Panayiotis Mitilineos

Song: Music trio “Namaste”

Sound effects: Petros Mandas

Digital processing & video: Harry Yiavouhailidis

Light: Alexis Koen

Acting: Marianna Vouga, Aris Daoutis, Thanassis Diminas, Thodoris Eleutheriadis, Michalis Bountoulousis

Video participation: Zoe Papadopoulou

The game has been inspired and construsted by Fractals group.

In the foyer of Theatre Entropia,Dimitris Dimas’exposition of photography is presented, entitled “Athens Calling”, inspired by the contemporary, multi-cultural Athens’ face, having as background the public phone booths of Omonia square.    

Stage Manager – Technician: Giorgos Giourellis

Partners: Zoe Margeli, Marianthi Hatzikidi