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5th Alternative Stage Festival

1 – 25 October 2007


Platform @workNetwork (1 – 5 October)

International Platform @work Network (including the Cultural Policy Meeting “Culture, Arts and Working People”), workshop & performance of the Balinese masked dance drama Topeng by Cristina Wistari Formaggia, plus over 20 Greek and Foreign groups & artists in the area of theatre, dance theatre, performance art, music, visual arts, multimedia, short films.




18.00 - 20.30 Welcome Reception / Registration

21.00 “Songs of Small Exiles”, a performance by Christina Kyriazidi

A trilingual (English, Spanish, Greek) solo performance based on the poetry of J.P.Sartre. V. Perez-Sauquillo. K. Cavafis and C. Kyriazidi, dealing with immigration, travelling and our personal, inner exile.

Dramaturgy – Direction: Christina Kyriazidi

Original music: Giorgos Koumaradios & Shaghoon Kim



10.00-12.00 Official opening of Platform sessions

Presentations of the 6 groups participating in @workNetwork and their activities [Berlin n@work – Germany, TEATERMASKINEN – Sweden, REALITY RESEARCH CENTER – Finland, TeaterKUNST - Denmark, THE RED ROOM – Great Britain, ΕΝΤRΟPΙΑ – Greece]

Presentation of the European project “The Story of Work”

12.00 Break

12.15 – 14.00 Presentation of the concept behind the initiative for the founding of @workNetwork

Open discussion - Topic: “Performing Artists Networks and their contribution to the development of collaborations and autonomous artistic creation”

17.00 – 19.00 Platform session – Topic: “The current European landscape as regards to cultural collaborations, co-productions and artists’ mobility: Possibilities, Limitations, Obstacles, Prospects”. Emphasis on the needs of Greek artists.

19.00 Break

19.15 – 21.00 Platform session – Topic: “European Programs. State Support and Independent Production”



10.00 – 12.00 Platform session - Topic: “Educational & Cultural Institutions, Unions & Performing Arts: Can the interaction with out-of-theatre organizations contribute to innovation?”

Speech of Lila Dimitriadou (Member of the Greek General Confederation of Labour (GSEE), Administration) – Title: “Arts and Culture as a need for expression of working people”

Speech / Seminar of Ingemar Göransson (Member of the Swedish Trade Union Federation (LO), Head of Cultural Policy) – Title: “The working class, the unions’ movement and Cultural Policy”

12.00 Break

12.15 – 14.00 Platform session - Topic: “The social impact of the cultural product. Research and collaboration with social organizations and groups. Access and possibilities of immigrants’ participation in artistic creation”

Speech of Bouyar Alimani (Film Director, Founder of the “Cultural Meeting-point of Albanian immigrants”) – Title: “Art as a necessity for social integration”

17.00 – 19.00 Platform session – Meeting of the @workNetwork Groups to discuss future initiatives and activities

19.00 Break

19.15 – 21.00 Platform session – Producers’ Workshop

Closed sessions



10.00 – 15.00 Platform session – Closing

Open workshops, meetings and discussions on topics that will arise during the Platform and on issues put forward by the participants.

21.00 Performance “First Blush of Spring”

A performance dealing with the often painful journeys we make in order to grow as individuals, but also a celebration of life, nature and rebirth.

Devised, Directed & Performed by Anne-Μarie O'Sullivan

Set Designer: Charlie Stanley                                                    

Live Music: Ero Seagull                    

Video art: Αntonis Glaros              


Art Exhibition entitled “Documentary Artwork / Ground Flight”

Opening: Friday, 5 October at 8.00 p.m.

Dance Performance: at 8.30 p.m.

Duration: 5 – 20 October 2007, open from Tuesday to Friday, 3 -9 p.m. and on Saturdays, 1-8 p.m., Closed on Sundays & Mondays


Ground Flight – Dance Performance

Anasa dance group will present traditional African dances, accompanied by percussion instruments played live.

An emphasis is given to choreographies including motifs inspired by the basic cycle of agricultural work (sowing – harvesting), as they are met in West African societies.
The performance will be presented during the opening of the exhibition, along with a video projection and information material.

Documentary Artwork

Tricksters group (Performance Art), using diverse materials as tools, will comment on the history of work.
By means of a theatre costume and a video performance, they will narrate passages from the space-time of the history of work and will confront with ignorance.

Space: Fabrics become the medium (place), expressing an era, in which the aristocracy was overthrown, and the middle and working classes were risen for the first time.
Time: Landmark dates in the history of work, up to its current form.

Costume design & performance: Michalis Afolania
Video Art & Editing: Penelope Skourla, Konstantina Visviropoulou


13 – 17/10: Greek and foreign groups and artists from the areas of theatre, Chorotheatre, performance art, music, video art, multimedia, short films.



21.00 “Sax Duo and Dancer”

Musical improvisation by GOOSEBERRIES

Ilan Manouach (Saxophones), Mmottekk (Electronics), dance by Vaso Polymeni + Guest

22.15 “Let’s take our clothes off” Fresh low - fi sound by NAKED AS WE, in progressive original songs and subversive music

With: Alexis Ioannou, Thanos Kosmidis, Spyros Moschoutis


SUNDAY 14/10

21.00 “And now, the two of us” by Athina Hatziyiannaki.

Through a black-and-white video and Beckett’s one act play Cascado, the performance focuses on the relation between the creator and his/her work, the creator and the audience, the audience and the play.

22.00 “Intro, the drummer had to leave, the revenge of the killer bee” Post rock, with an atmospheric element, experimental minimal music by VIEW?

VIEW?: Dimitris - drums, Elias - bass & effects, Kostas - keyboards, programming, samples & computer processing, Vaggelis - guitar & effects


MONDAY 15/10

21.00 “First blush of spring”

A solo performance with live music, songs, poetry, video projection presented in an 8ft by 8ft white dress.

Performed, directed and devised by: Anne-Marie O’Sullivan

Theatre Designer: Charlie Stanley

Musician: Ero Glarou

Video art: Antonis Glaros

22.00 “Melting”

A performance by Trial group, which attempts to present the routine and limitations imposed on us by social taboos.

Performers: Ioli Andreadi (actress), Haris Haidemenakis & Leda Kozaki (musicians)

22.30 “Reverse audition”

What happens when an unpredictable actress invites people of the show business at her personal audition? A show including theatre texts, stand up, songs, short films and dance by Stella Konstantatou

Performers: Stella Konstantatou, Thodoris Kastrinos, Vaggelis Alexandropoulos, Tina Konstantatou, Vasilis Argyrakis.

Acting instructors: Yvonni Maltezou, Aspasia Kralli, Taxiarhis Hanos

Dance instructor: Κay Holden



21.00 “Wild roses – Nekyia 3 Mystery”

Dance theatre by DRYOS TOPOI group. “Wild Roses” are inspired by the homonymous story of writer Dimitris Mitsis from Hpirus, while “Mystery”, based on the homonymous musical composition of Yiannis Christou (1965), is a free creation through which the group continues its work on texts with reference to the descent to Adis.

Composition - Direction: Anna Lazou

Music composition - Song: Eirini Tenne

Movement/ Choreographer: Paris Mantopoulos

Theatre Design - Costumes: Dionysis Palmas

Theatre improvisation: Athina Katsilerou

Performers: Ergina Ventoura, Eirini Tenne, Polytimi Patapi, Dimitra Papadatou, Maya Moshandreou, Eleonora Elia, Katerina Patsiani, Anna Vellianiti

Tragoudi – Lute: Giorgos Gennaios

Percussion: Dimitris Katsoulis

Production: Giorgos Voutos – Youth Cultural Initiative

22.15 “No title, 2007”

A solo performance of Anastasia Anastasiadou, commenting on the globalization of work and the lack of freedom, since we are trapped in a production-consumption system.

Video: Eleni Giokari



21.00 - 23.00 Greek and international short films & Video art

Dorota Zglobicka: “Royal Blood” [03:48]

Claire Dix: “Days of Sleep” [05:00]

Kostas Georgakakis: “Buttons” [05:50]

Maria Xanthopoulidou: “Reality Show” [10:38]

Alexandros Fourkiotis: “Ghosts” [11:00]

Maria-Ioanna Xanthaki: “You can also be seen from inside (the room)” [07:30]

Eleni Giokari: “Big Bang” [04:24]

Stelios Hristakis: “Happy Birthday” [14:00]

Vanias Stavrakakis: “Don’t walk on the grass” [10:00]

Stella Papastefanou: “Wondering” [00:37]

Athina Arseni: “Passengers” [09:00]

Christina-Maria Hrysafi: “We two” [03:45]

Aggelos Aletras: “Silence” [05:58]

Giannis Kolozis: “Get Lost” [14:22]

In collaboration with KOYINTA Film Productions

Program’s Director: Christos Karakasis

At the same time, an exhibition of photographs that came out of the collaboration of choreographer Maria-Ioanna Xanthaki and photographers Jessica Farnham and Suk Jung Song will be presented at the foyer of theatre ENTROPIA.


20 – 25/10

Workshop (20 – 24/10, 10.00 – 15.00, Drama School ODEIO ATHINON) & Work Demonstration - Performance (25/10, 21.00, ASOMATON ART SPACE) on Balinese masked dance drama Topeng, given by performer and Artistic Director of GAMBUH PURA DESA ENSEMBLE from Indonesia, Cristina Wistari Formaggia.

Production Manager: Mariana Rizou

Stage manager - Lights: Yiannis Konstantakopoulos

Audiovisual recording: Christos Karakasis (Video), Alexis Gkikas (Sound)

Collaborators: Lena Anastasiadou (Consultant in cultural policy), Niki Prodromidou, Antonia Michaliou, Katerina Hatzispyrou  

Web & Graphic Designer: Adel Sanoussi