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The innovative CUT Project is an international production, on the occasion of the 20 years of Berlin’s Wall fall and the end of the Cold War. ENTROPIA’s Ensemble will try to explore the impact in our lives (microcosm) of the tremendous changes on politics and society (macrocosm).


 Through research of various materials, documents, testimonies and personal accounts, improvisations inspired by photos, images, reportages and texts, we’ll attempt to test and grope our own identities in Europe’s new geography, as well as to question the remaining “walls” and “separating lines”.


 The project will develop through research and residencies in still “cut” territories (Kosovo, Cyprus, Palestine), as well as Berlin – Germany (a symbolic and important reference), climaxing in presentations-events, and concluding into the final multilingual, interdisciplinary, multimedia performance “DE-FENCES”.


 The spectacle (in its first form in-between web installation and performance), will be performed live in Athens, while parallel real-time projected at venues in Berlin, Nicosia, Kosovo via live-streaming on the Internet, where the audience will have the possibility to visually “interact” with the spectacle they’re watching via interfaces that New Technologies offer us. Their responses will appear on a separate screen on the performance’s stage in Athens, thus “contributing” to the spectacle.


  The event could also be projected via Internet on giant screens at selected spaces in other cities for their public.




Project’s Plan: A team of artists of Theatre ENTROPIA, (Director – Dramaturge, Assistant Director, Visual Artist, Choreographer), the GUESTS, will visit both sides of the divided territory and reside there for a period of 8 days. There, they’ll be joined by a group of local artists (Visual Artists, Performers, Musicians), proposed by the HOST organization in the area, and have an intensive workshop with them.


 The two teams will work collaboratively, collecting material, interviewing people, exploring sounds, impressions, stories and memories, that will lead to site-specific interventions and a public event, as a part of a work-in-progress, open to an invited audience the evening of the 8th day, and followed by a discussion / evaluation.


 Work process and presentations will all be filmed and documented, in order to be used as reference material for the next 3 phases of the work:


·      A visit and 10-day residency in Athens of the artistic teams involved in the project for the final preparations.  


·      The premiere of the final performance “DE-FENCES”. At this phase, the publication of a bilingual (English & Greek) catalogue concerning the project and its development will be also completed. 


·      After a further elaboration, the performance “DE-FENCES” will be transformed into a multimedia production, enriched by the materials and experiences gathered during the previous phases of work, with the intention to tour internationally in various Theatres and Festivals.      




Project Activities – Time Overview:




  • W. Bank Residency / Public Event: 18-25/09/2009 [completed in collaboration with AL-HARAH Theatre ( based in Beit Jala, Bethlehem]
  • Berlin Residency / Public Event: 6-14/11/2009 [completed in collaboration with Art Centre TACHELES, Mitte (]
  • Nicosia Residency: 21-27/03/2010 [completed in collaboration with Art Space AESCHYLOS ARCADE (]
  • Kosovo Residency: 23-27/04/2010
  • Athens Final Workshop: 2-12/05/2010 [hosted by Theatre ENTROPIA (]


  • “DE-FENCES”’ premiere: 13-15/05/2010

“DE-FENCES” multimedia performance available for touring: June 2010