The Theatre Company ENTROPIApresented successfully for the first time in Greece (Theatre CHOROROES, 2004) the play “GO GO GO” by the American playwright Juliana Francis. The show was selected and performed at the 4th International Monodrama Festival THESPIS in Kiel, Germany (November 2004). 




 Inspired by the ancient Greek myth of Erysichthon, who due to impiety was condemned by goddess Demeter to insatiable hunger and reached the point of selling his own daughter in order to continue the endless food consumption, the playwright elaborates on the delicate issue of children’s sexual abuse, as well as the general abuse of the feminine body through its pornographic image and its commercialization as a consumption item.


 A powerful, highly physical and visual monologue, evolving through the relationship of the actress with the video-installations, in an aesthetically contemporary performance, that matches Technology with Theatre, in a dynamic and interactive environment. 




Translation: Athena Paraponiari


Director – Cast: Marilli Mastrantoni


Set & Costume Designer: Panagiota Kokkorou


Music: Iakovos Drossos


Choreography: Konstantinos Michos


Lighting Designer & Videos: George Giannelis


Cast in video-installations: Katia Gerou, Ektor Kaloudis, Kallirohe Miriagou, Eva Stylander, Alexandros Kamarineasand the directorChristos Dimas




Photographs: Takis Diamantopoulos



Production: ENTROPIA


FaLang translation system by Faboba